Energy Regulators


Energy Regulators

We fabricate wide range of energy regulators such as Drying cabinets, wash boilers, hot plates, grills, grill boilers, warming cupboards and similar equipment and appliances for tapping heat from zero to full at the turn of a simmering, quick boiling, frying or jam making, appropriate positions can be easily chosen with smooth tap - like actions. These minimize the energy consumption by up to 50 percent.


Our range has a snap action switch opens and closes the load circuit at exact time intervals. The ‘ON’ to ‘OFF’ system can be changed and regulated as per the requirement and thereby, ensuring smooth output of heat.

Physical Chacteristics:

  1.  Easily rotatable both ways

  2.  Steady holds on off and full positions

  3.  Bakelit Heat Risistance Base

  4.  Adequately covered to withstand temperature conditions

  5.  Variations of ambient temperature of up to 850oC

  6.  Compensation for voltage fluctuations of up to – 15 percent


It is done by a threaded bush with registering lugs, secured by a single registering nut and can be fitted in any convenient position on control panel as there is no thermal contact. Terminals provided are of spade type.