Capillary Thermostats

We fabricate Capillary Thermostats in exclusive range which are mainly used for temperature control and in oven in domestic as well as in international market. Also, we lay utmost attention to the quality of our range by testing the raw materials at international standards. 


  1. Durability

  2. Standard tolerance

  3. Corrosion resistivity

  4. Dimensional accurate

  5. Superior functional

  6. Cost-effective in nature


Immersion Heater Thermostats

Our range of thermostat (Immersion Heater Thermostats) is offered in various specifications of OEM.

Available for different models, the specifications can be customized to

meet specific requirements of our clients

APPLICATION: Sterilizers, Ovens, Oil Pre-heaters, Plastic

Machinery, ElectroPlating Plants, Chemical Machinery, Pharmaceuticals

Machinery, Die and Mould heating etc.


Stem Thermostats

Our S-Bim stem thermostats (Stem Type & Bi-Polar Thermostats) conform to the requirements of Bureau of Indian Standards and are ISI certified. This S-Bim range of thermostats is offered in two lengths and is fabricated to control the temperature of electric water heaters.

Heavy duty contacts are fitted to provide a long, trouble free life and the complete switch mechanism is enclosed in a dust excluding moulded phenolic cover. Electrical connections to the thermostats are made simple by reincorporation of the two pinching, screw type terminals within the switch head. It is suitable up to a maximum rating of 15 amps.


Brass Stem Thermostats

Our range of stem type thermostat (Brass Stem Thermostats) is commonly used in the geysers for boiling water. The operation is based on the differential expansion of the bimetallic sensitive element which causes the opening of snap-action switch located in the thermostat head. It h
as got its application as a water-heater.


MOUNTING: Directly into element pocket or with spring clip


Differential: 7°C

Maximum head Temperature: 85°C

Stem length: 7 (170MM) & 11 inches (260mm)

Standard temperature range: 25-90°'C